Our Mission

The American Friends of the Berlin Staatsoper was founded in 1994 to provide creative and financial support to the Staatsoper in its mission to promote the art of opera, both for the sake of the art itself and as a medium to encourage greater harmony and cooperation among the people of the world.

To support this goal, the American Friends of the Berlin Staatsoper, among other activities, provides financial support for:

  • Productions of the Staatsoper in Berlin which it deems to be of exceptional artistic significance
  • Performances of the Staatsoper ensemble in other countries
  • Performances of other well-known opera ensembles at the Berlin home of theStaatsoper
  • Performances by young artists, singers and musicians under the sponsorship of the Staatsoper.
In the United States, the American Friends support: 
  • Evenings with the artists
  • Lectures
  • Opera viewing with dinner discussions
  • Exclusive invitations for special events in the USA
  • Priority ticketing:

For those attending Berlin performances, Special Events, Rehearsal Invitations, Museum Tours, Excursions and much more!

Our Story

The American Friends of the Berlin Staatsoper recognize the uniqueness of the 1742 Linden Opera House, designed byGeorge Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff and its orchestra, the Staatskapelle Berlin, which traces its roots back to the 16th century. The opera house has attracted many illustrious conductors including: Richard Strauss, Kurt Adler, Wilhelm Furtwängler, ErichKleiber, Otto Klemperer and Bruno Walter. In 1992, the Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim was appointed Music Director and in 2000, elected "conductor for life." After seven years of undergoing a major renovation, the Berlin State Opera reopened October 2017.

American Friends Donate $100,000 To The Staatsoper



Ulla Buchner-Howard

Irmintraud Jost

Andreas Fibig

Flora Schnall


Robert Glauber

Harvey S. Traison