2018-2019 Season | Opera in three acts (1797)
Music by Luigi Cherubini | Text by François-Benoît Hoffman
Medea, gifted with magical powers, who has moved from the fringes of the world to the centre of civilization, turns into an avenging angel.

2018-2019 Season | Opera in seven tableaus (2012/2019)
Music by Jörg Widmann | Text by Peter Sloterdijk
The composer places the multicultural society of the pre-ancient, culturally advanced metropolis of Babylon at the centre of his opera.

2019-2020 Season | Comic-fantastic opera in three acts (1849)
Music by Otto Nicolai | Text by Salomon Hermann Mosenthal based on William Shakespeare
The way in which the Merry Wives of Windsor give the smug Knight Sir John Falstaff – who has seen better days – the literal runaround, is a masterstroke of characterization through music.

2019-2020 Season | Oratorio in two parts (1707)
Music by Alessandro Scarlatti
Cain kills his brother Abel and commits the first murder in the history of humankind.

2019-2020 Season | Comedy for music in three acts (1911)
Music by Richard Strauss | Text by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
This fantasy Vienna, bursting with joie de vivre, wit and traditional class boundaries, but which also bears traces of depression and morbidity, is not merely a reflection of the 18th century but also of the declining belle époque.